What are the benefits of outsourcing with Activate Financial?

Activate Financial, LLC serves as a seamless extension of your company. We help businesses focus on what they do best while also helping consumers recover from financial failure. Our high-end outsourcing services allow us to:

  • Provide efficient, cost-effective solutions
  • Reduce delinquencies
  • Improve cash flow
  • Share skills & expertise
  • Save your employees time spent on collections efforts
  • Reduce hiring & training expenses
  • Leverage the benefits of our AI solutions & technology

How can Activate Financial help your business save money?

If your company does perform a specific business function, it is often more profitable outsource it and pay someone else to operate that function rather than hiring and training someone internally to handle the task. Additionally, technology, new personnel, software and equipment require capital & resource investments while outsourcing allows you bypass those investments and improve quality. There are also large savings to be had with an experienced partner like Activate Financial, who can hit the ground running with proven strategies to optimize and increase dollars collected.

What security measures does Activate Financial have to protect client information?

At Activate Financial, we are committed to providing our customers with the most reliable accounts receivable solutions. We are PCI-compliant and we meet all CFPB, TCPA and FDCPA regulations.

All payments are processed through our secure payment processing department to safeguard our clients and their customer’s data. Our facilities are equipped with safety monitoring systems, geo-redundant data processing and cloud-based, multi-location location storage to guarantee that all our operations are carried out in a highly-protected, secure environment.

What services does Activate Financial provide?

  • Bad Debt Recovery
  • Skip Tracing Services
  • Delinquency Management

What types of companies does Activate Financial serve?

Activate Financial, LLC works with a wide range of clients and portfolios to offer the highest level of collections support. We specialize in servicing portfolios from the Auto Loan & Lease, Credit Card, Installment & Personal Loan and Student Loan sectors.

Does Activate Financial provide custom solutions?

Yes, Activate Financial prides itself on being able to provide customized solutions across any of our existing services. For more information and to discuss how we can support your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 877.492.8750 or sales@activatefinancial.com.

How will Activate Financial meet our specific company needs?

Our experience speaks for itself. Activate Financial offers best-in-class customized service to fit in and meet your goals and requirements. We start by sitting down and getting to know your business and understand your challenges so we can help solve them. Then, in partnership with your team, we take our knowledge of what works and craft a solution that will fill in service gaps, help customers solve payment failure and increase collections.

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