In today’s highly regulated environment, companies operate under an increasingly strict array of laws and regulations. Activate Financial, LLC works with our clients to effectively manage risk and put compliance at the top of our priority list. We put the following safeguards in place to ensure that all staff, processes and documentation meet the highest standards and audit requirements:

  • Comprehensive Oversight – detailed process documentation to ensure the company’s policies, procedures and other enforced compliance initiatives are effective & properly executed
  • In-depth Training – for all employees to promote understanding of our internal standards, procedures and requirements
  • Tight Focus on Due Diligence and Third-Party Relationships
  • Continual Monitoring and Auditing of Program Effectiveness
  • Develop & Enforce the Highest Data Privacy and Data Security Standards

This detailed compliance program protects our partner’s business against legal violations and the consequences and costs that go along with them. So, in addition to being protected, our policies leave partners secure and able to spend their time focusing on growing their business. Give us a call at at 877.492.8750 today to discuss how better compliance could benefit your company.